First Harmony, I Mean Camila Cabello, Is Back With New Music

There she is: the missing Harmony / Image via Getty
There she is: the missing Harmony / Image via Getty

In case you haven’t heard, Camila Cabello is no longer contributing harmonies in Fifth Harmony, the only girl-group we can rely on these days (sorry, Little Mix.) And the now solo artist (seriously, emphasis on solo) has released two new singles from her forthcoming album reportedly titled The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.

The first is “Havana” featuring a great verse from everyone’s favorite rap softie Young Thug, with a piano that sort of echoes Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.” And then there’s “OMG” featuring Migos’ Quavo, who is collaborating with what feels like everybody these days.

When she was in Fifth Harmony it always sounded like Cabello, who really does have a great voice, was sort of over-doing it. And that’s understandable considering she had to do the most with, what, a solo four-line verse in a song made for five people? And was maybe crawling at the walls to get out of the group? But she sounds great on these songs!


My question is, do these songs make you hurt, make you heal, or make you love? Do not hold back in the comments.

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I feel like Havana could have been something good, but it took a left turn at “make it sound like everything else on the radio right now.” It’s not bad-bad: more like it squandered its potential.