FKA twigs Starred in, Directed and Edited This 'Futuristic' Calvin Klein Ad

Using her latest single “Good to Love” as a backdrop, the multitalented FKA twigs masterminded a film advertisement for Calvin Klein’s denim line, an extension of the brand’s spring campaign. Luckily for all of us, Justin Bieber and his crotch are nowhere to to be found in this one.

The video, choreographed by Aaron Sillis, shows Twigs and dancer Kaner Flex artfully dressing and undressing in a black and white room. Twigs eventually falls out the door into a giant pile of—you guessed it—Calvin Klein denim.

Image via David Sims/Calvin Klein.
Image via David Sims/Calvin Klein.
Image via David Sims/Calvin Klein.
Image via David Sims/Calvin Klein.

In a statement via Us Weekly, Twigs explained:

“When I first started thinking of concepts for a Calvin Klein advert, it dawned on me that Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand and that I really wanted to combine artistically what I do with the striking imagery Calvin Klein has always maintained. I guess it’s kind of tongue in cheek, fun, sexy but still with the emotional ignition and openness that I always aim to achieve when I direct.

I wanted to make something that could feel artistically futuristic, tense, crucial, loaded, emotionally complicated but ultimately still include the seductive, free and young feel of Calvin Klein.”

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Images via Calvin Klein

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