Following the Success of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski Already Has His Next Movie Project Lined Up

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On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that John Krasinski, hot off the success of A Quiet Place—which he directed and starred in—has already zeroed in on his next film project: a science fiction thriller titled Life on Mars.


Krasinksi will reportedly collaborate with A Quiet Place producers Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller once more, but at this time he is not expected to star. As of now the film doesn’t have a writer attached to it, but we do know it will be an adaptation Cecil Castellucci’s short story “We Have Always Lived on Mars,” which follows a female descendant of a Martian colony who “one day finds she can breathe the air on Mars, upending her world and that of her fellow colonists.”


Paramount, which distributed A Quiet Place, is also in negotiations to pick up Life on Mars.

I haven’t seen A Quiet Place, yet, ironically for a movie that renders popcorn chewing socially undesirable, I hear people talking about it everywhere I go. And that’s because it was a huge, surprising hit, which raked in $50.2 million over its opening weekend and was made for only $17 million.

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He is the kind of guy that isn’t attractive to me in photos, but he is charming enough that he is very attractive when he acts.

I still wonder why he starred in the Benghazi movie.