For Some Reason, Drew Barrymore Seems Surprised That Dakota Johnson Graduated High School

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It was Game Show Week on The Drew Barrymore Show, which gave its host’s screaming outbursts a focus and cause. Essentially, by gamifiying her show, she applied the KonMari Method to her flights of fancy. That’s really getting it together! Matthew McConaughey stopped by to discuss his months-old (but tremendous!) memoir Greenlights, which gave Barrymore the excuse to bust our her best “All right all right all right,” and allowed McConaughey to proclaim that the bumper sticker is “one of the last bastions of innocent free speech.” Sure dude! Dakota Johnson revealed that Barrymore used to pick through her hair (?), confirmed that she is a secret cowgirl (???), and shared that she does not have a GED... because she graduated from high school. That one doesn’t warrant any ?’s from me, but it seemed to shock Barrymore. In the intro to a “Drew-over” segment, in which a man who has rightly been called the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant in history got another shot at televised gaming, Barrymore revealed that she’s no stranger herself to making mistakes on television. Indeed. What’s important is that she takes ownership, is open to growing, and has a pair of industrial-strength lungs for the kind of primal-scream therapy she regularly engages in on her show.


Enjoy the montage:

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Depending on the actor (and when they started), of course, but a lot of them don’t have diplomas, they have GEDs because they did tutoring on set during their youth instead of traditional school.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if the children of incredibly rich people decided they didn’t need school. Didn’t one of those Massimo-Becky kids come right out and say they didn’t actually want or feel the need to go to university?

For every Natalie Portman-Emma Watson Academic Actor there are probably 100+ High School Drop Out Gonna Make it in Hollywood Actors.