Friend of Jezebel Martha Stewart Will Make Even More People Feel Judged on Chopped

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Contestants on the 38th cycle of Chopped will be shaking in their weird, tall chef hats as the queen of presentation judges their plating: our friend Martha Stewart is in the kitchen.


Page Six reports that Stewart has signed on as a recurring guest on the Food Network show this summer and will make her first appearance on June 5 alongside host Ted Allen and his merry crew of choppers:

“As a lifestyle expert and bestselling author with millions of devoted followers and fans, Martha Stewart’s name is synonymous with perfection,” said Courtney White, EVP Programming at Food Network and HGTV. “Having Martha’s expertise within the newest season of ‘Chopped’ further reinforces why the series has long been one of the toughest culinary competitions on television.”


Also, did you know Stewart has written 90 books? They’re probably mostly pictures of centerpieces, but still. That’s a lot to live up to.

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I love Martha and pretty much exclusively watch the Food Network so this is the best news ever for me.