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Frozenthe franchise that simply can’t stop, won’t stop—will stop now in a very notable way. Two years since opening at New York City’s St. James Theatre, the Broadway production of Frozen will officially end. After 825 performances, 26 previews, and grossing over $150 million, Frozen will not return even when Broadway re-opens.


Deadline describes it as “the first long-running casualty” of the covid-19 pandemic, which shut down Broadway in March. Disney Theatrical Productions’ president and producer, Thomas Schumacher, said in a statement:

“In the summer of 2013 when Frozen began its road to Broadway, two things were unimaginable: that we’d soon have five productions worldwide, and a global pandemic would so alter the world economy that running three Disney shows on Broadway would become untenable. The extraordinary contribution of Broadway’s original company, plus those who have joined more recently cannot be overstated. Frozen, like all shows, is wholly dependent on those who create and perform them but this was an uncommonly close and talented group and they’ll be missed. Finally, I have to acknowledge our incredible audiences; night after night, the fans showed us how much they loved this show and we look forward to seeing them at Frozen around the world.”


Maybe hide this news from the children.

According to The Washington Post, those who’ve purchased tickets for Frozen performances through Ticketmaster should see a refund in their account within 30 days. As for parents: at least take some solace in the fact that your kid can’t beg you to take them, but that doesn’t mean you won’t keep hearing “Let It Go” on repeat.

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Interesting. For those more knowledgeable about this - was the show kind of a dud when it came to people seeing it despite that $150 million number, or is there just another show that is more promising and could use its spot in St.James Theater?