GQ hosted a Men of the Year party in Los Angeles on Thursday night and, lo and behold, WOMEN also attended. Instead of boring vanilla suits, the men heeded GQ’s style tips and showed off in thrilling experimental prints, a la the standouts above: Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek in a blazer that looks like a cool oil painting, Donald Glover in a double-breasted windowpane suit and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali. Below, what it looks like when men actually try.

Why is Matt McGorry wearing a tiny children’s bowtie? Everything about this makes your favorite annoying woke bae look like a game show host. I like How to Get Away with Murder’s Alfred Enoch in this casual moonlight-colored suit, and Westworld’s James Marsden looks super polished in a similar shade paired with dark brown shoes and a skinny linear tie.

On the lighter side of the spectrum, Armie Hammer kept it simple and sophisticated in dark grey, and here are two young men I don’t know but whose flair for color I appreciate: Vine star Cameron Dallas and soccer player Robbie Rogers in refreshing shades of plum, which men should wear more.

Keke Palmer’s two-piece looks like one of Barbie’s Going Out outfits, Katherine McPhee is letting a bunch of fabric wear her, and I usually enjoy Kelly Rowland’s red carpet looks but the styling here (the lace, the sleeves, the bob) feels off.

Dammit, Nick Jonas knows he looks great. America’s Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos opted for hints of what appears to be snakeskin on his lapel/pockets and it works. Wiz Khalifa is as deliberately carefree as one would expect on this beautiful L.A. day.

More men in blue: Billy Eichner’s suit fits well and this is a good night for men without ties, Joel Edgerton’s blue and gray double-breast is fine, though might be better with a dress shirt instead of a tee, and yes, there’s Big, Chris Noth with a creepy mustache.

Sarah Silverman paired a floral dress with a biker jacket and fishnets, styling that fits her. I’m sort of digging Aja Noami King’s one-armed beehive gown, and I have a blanket that’s the exact same pattern as the top part of Christina Milian’s dress.

Terry Crews is showing out like a drunk uncle who always says he’s “clean,” Spencer Ludwig is caught somewhere between Westworld and a disco ball, and Mario’s old-school-wallpaper blazer is killing me. Bless Timothy Simons for his adorable effort.

Nick Young appears to have found this shirt (maybe it has sentimental value) while winter cleaning. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish always look like that couple who just did it somewhere in the venue and you’ll never know where. Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller loves to do his strategically unkempt vomit-chic look and it’s fine, it’s his thing.

This is a nice, simple Williamsburg bar ensemble on Adam Palley. The man in the middle is Matt Czuchry, who I just discovered plays Logan on Gilmore Girls, and he has a powerfully sexy color scheme going on. Black-ish’s Marcus Scribner adorably pairs a schoolboy cardigan under a blazer.

That’s Prince Jackson in a purple tie, trying... Warren Beatty is just, your grandpa. Jeff Goldblum smartly made his dress shirt the focus of his suit, and Ryan Reynolds is doing some kind of teacher’s version of the cardigan-blazer pairing.

These dresses on model Kyra Santoro and Karrueche Tran, who’s listed as an actress on Getty, are a mixture of Xena Warrior Princess and ice-skater. I want to go out and buy this electric blue skirt on actress Jodie Turner-Smith.

In the middle, Mr. Robot’s Carly Chaikin pulls off dark elegance efficiently. On the far left and far right, model Charlotte McKinney and singer Sevyn Streeter miss the mark in revealing unfinished garments, though I find their confidence admirable.

Rapper Vic Mensa is the coolest kid here, in a hot pink starter jacket and white cut-offs. Usain Bolt, rocking a sateen blazer, feels like he’s the cool kid in his heart, and French Montana simply emanates cool.

As always, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is absolutely striking in this powder blue wide-legged suit, Bebe Rexha’s fur look outfit is giving me youthful Real Housewives vibes and I’m strangely drawn to it, and soap actress Meredith Hagner is perfectly neat.