Gina Rodriguez Is That Friend Getting Over a Breakup in Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez, who mastered the skill of looking beautiful while crying on the CW’s Jane the Virgin, will do more of that in the upcoming Netflix romcom Someone Great. Rodriguez plays Jenny, whose nine-year relationship with her boyfriend (Lakeith Stanfield) ends after Jenny gets a job in San Francisco. Jenny leans heavily on her friends (DeWanda Wise, from She’s Gotta Have It, and Brittany Snow) as she says goodbye to her life in New York City and, crucially, her 20s.

“Basically, I just really want you to call your place of work and tell them you’re on your period or something and then just come over to my apartment,” she tells her friends during a video call. I’m going to try my hardest not to draw parallels between Jane from Jane the Virgin and Jenny here, but her character does seem written in the vein of a melodramatic young woman prone to crying on the subway. It’ll be interesting to see how Someone Great elevates the well-worn breakup movie into something original. The good news is Wise’s character seems hilarious. 

Rodriguez is also a producer on the film.

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i am extremely tired of all hollywood acting like new york is the be all and end all of cities that are cool and interesting to live in, HOWEVER this looks fun and i love lizzo and female friendships and jane the virgin and nonsense and this seems full of all of those things so sure, let’s have a green juice mimosa and watch this thing.