All Saints, the ’90s girl group that gave us at least one great jam that’s easily forgettable but highly memorable once remembered, announced their comeback in February. The response was an overwhelming “K...”

Well, it’s here, the simple black-and-white video for their single “One Strike,” an ’80s-dance-ish song that, according to group member Shaznay Lewis (her...), is about “how your life can just change in one instant.” The lyrics, she says, directly reference other group member Nicole Appleton’s divorce from Liam Gallagher.

“Violently numb, I’m ready for the storm to come. I’m. Ready for the storm to cuhh-huh-um,” they sing. A full ALL SAINTS album is on the way, probably good timing, with Fifth Harmony having such success and Spice Girls possibly reuniting. To quote myself in the Jezebel chat room a few weeks ago: “good time for old girl groups.”

The best thing about this video is that it gives me a reason to relive “Never Ever,” one of those songs that lives forever on the tip of your tongue or in a dusty vault in your dankest memory bank. Here’s possibly the greatest live girl group performance ever, featuring the laziest choreography (are they even moving?), subtle swaying and finger pointing.

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