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Suicide Squad, the forthcoming summer comics blockbuster that’s about, like, “alternative” comic antiheroes but looks a trillion times better than the self-satisfied frat-bro festival that was Deadpool (I fucking hated Deadpool), debuted in New York City last night!

Hollywood people and nerds mixed and often they were one and the same. It’s a beautiful new world. Above, stars Viola Davis, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto line up in ascending order of doing a lot. What else, though!


Cara Delevingne is easing nicely into her new Hollywood post while still bringing that inevitable supermodel flair to her ensembles; she’s been wearing these thigh-high boots (Stuart Weitzman? Balmain?) for like six days. Here she’s giving classic femme fatale in Anthony Vaccarello, Lana Turner hair and smoky eyes. It works!

I do understand that Jared Leto looks like a fucking pirate in Louis XIV’s fleet wearing head-to-toe Gucci, which may or may not be ill-fitting. But I have to respect the hustle, I don’t know. Margot Robbie, on the other hand, is wearing a look from one of my favorite collections for Fall 2016, what I’m calling Sarah Burton’s fantasy nightgown period for Alexander McQueen. The deep wine/almost-black lipstick is a nice touch. Shailyn Pierre-Dixon, who plays a Suicide Squad character named “Zoe,” is stylish and fresh in cut-out pants and a matching crop top.

Kehlani was there because she’s on the soundtrack, in case you were wondering; here she’s giving her best ‘90s Halle Berry with a hail mary pair of baggy low-rise leather pants. Please lord, don’t bring this cut back en masse, though. Leven Rambin’s Jonathan Simkhai gown is nice enough, but it’s not blowing me away from any perspective. Maybe it’s better up close. Skylar Grey was there because she’s on the soundtrack, in case you were wondering. I would like to retire the full-sheer skirt on carpets for the rest of eternity or at least 15 years. Viola Davis is always stunning, but I would have liked that quilted gown in a shade other than gunmetal grey. The cut is cool, though; she looks like a chrysalis.

Corina Calderon’s gown is quite plain in the scheme of things, but the sheer detailing in the waist is really pretty and the simplicity works. Diane Nelson’s look is the opposite of simple—mix and match, baby!—but she’s the muhfucking president of DC Entertainment so give it up to the bosslady. Karen Fukuhara’s Valentino gown is very pretty in ice blue, while Yolonda Ross went a bit more casual in a summery party frock.

Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje is very GQ Man of the Year in that sharp suit, and Jaden Smith continues to do his thing in a Louis Vuitton coat/dress that looks kind of like a firefighter jacket. Jai Courtney’s teal suit is a welcome change, as is Will Smith’s sharp-as-hell Tom Ford Rich Dad ensemble.

Al Roker and his daughter Leila Roker both look great, just perfect for late-summer New York and also I would like to own Leila’s entire ensemble. No one deserves to be in this building more than Harley Quinn Smith, whose dad Kevin fucking named her after Harley Quinn, the comic book character, portrayed in Suicide Squad by Margot Robbie. Joel Kinnaman looks sharp and Swedish but let’s discuss his wife Cleo Wattenström, a tattoo artist whose ink is utterly badass and who knows how to compliment her body art with a simple, subtly revealing gown and—is that a priest collar? RESPECT. Adam Beach and Summer Tiger are fully embodying the punk rock moment of this film, with Beach’s hair still in character (he plays Slipknot) and Tiger going “fuck it” and pairing lucite heels with a latex dress.

Japanese-Brazilian actor Akemi Darenogare did a punk twist on a kimono for the occasion. Meanwhile, HOLLYWOOD IS DANGEROUS, Y’ALL! David Harbour screwed up his ankle, looks like, but I do appreciate the replacement of tuxedo pants with Adidas track joints. (I wonder if he listens to grime?) And comic artist Amanda Connor (here with husband and collaborator Jimmy Palmiotti in full Fieri gear) hurt her other ankle as WELL as her arm, which is rough shit. Get well soon everyone! Go see Suicide Squad!