Good Morning to No One Except the Accountant Who Discovered Henry Golding

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Lisa-Kim Kuan, the accountant who recommended Henry Golding for his starring role in Crazy Rich Asians, gave an interview about her role in making one of Hollywood’s reigning bankable hotties happen.


Speaking to Vulture’s Chris Lee, Kuan says she first saw Golding at an awards show in Kuala Lumpur she attended in 2013. The actor, who had no formal acting experience prior to his breakout role, presented something, and Kuan never forgot about him. Cut to five years later, she’s working with a line producer on the Crazy Rich Asians budget, and he mentions offhand that director Jon M. Chu hasn’t yet found his Nick Young.

“I thought of Henry right away!” said Kuan. “[N]ever in a million years did I think my suggestion would be taken seriously.”


She goes on to downplay her role in the process, saying all she did was build “a bridge” for Golding to cross on his way to the part, but still…excellent bridgework! Read the full interview here.

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Yes, well, he is super hot so I’m not surprised she remembered him!