Amara La Negra aka the queen of my life just dropped the video for her hit "tuerk" anthem "Asi," which casts the cotton candy-voiced rapper all around a hypercolor Miami variously booty popping and running shit over a Brazilian funk-influenced riddim. It's a pretty simple concept, but an effective, tried and true way to situate an up-and-coming artist in her environs, kicking it at the beauty salon, the chorizo spot, and of course the parking lot equipped with tricked-out VW bugs. Obviously!

For the uninitiated, Amara La Negra is a Miami-born Dominican musician who's subverting conservative modes of sexuality in genres like dembow, mambo and reggaetón, as well as celebrating herself with impunity, an afro'd, dark-skinned woman repping hard and becoming hugely popular in a country rife with racism.


She was the head of the Dominican Parade in Puerto Rico this year, and she's currently on the cover of the new issue of El Especialito, that free Spanish rag they drop in Latino neighborhoods around New York, Jersey and Florida, and declared her "La Reina del Twerk." In her interview, she talks about how her main goal is promoting self-esteem, that she is " muy orgullosa de ser una negra," and that she generally loves her body. But you know, show don't tell, and so I present to you "Poron Pom Pom," a hit from a couple years ago that has been stuck in my head since it dropped.

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