Greta Gerwig's Directorial Debut Lady Bird Looks Like It's About a Girl Figuring Out Her Worth

Saoirse Ronan plays Lady Bird in the upcoming coming-of-age film of the same name; it’s her given name, because she gave it to herself.


Directed by on-camera indie favorite Greta Gerwig, the film features a very welcome and missed Laurie Metcalf as the frustrated mother of a teen with—judging from this trailer—seemingly huge ambitious and few celebrated talents. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Metcalf’s character is a nurse trying to keep her family solvent after her husband, played by Tracy Letts, loses his job. The story is supposedly semi-autobiographical for Gerwig, and set in the Sacramento, California of 2002.

While I keep thinking I’ll tire of stories about young girls figuring out their strained relationships with their moms, this trailer makes this project seem worthwhile. The film opened to critical acclaim at Telluride Film Festival, and apparently “there’s hardly a scene that’s more than two minutes long.” That’s a selling point, in my book.

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So this is where we are- nostalgia for the early aughts. No judgement, It’s just one of those moments of funny realization. Time is passing and this puts it in perspective. I feel old. Blah.