Guess Who Has Another Las Vegas Residency? It's Britney, Bitch

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You’re so lucky, she’s a star: Britney Spears will return to Las Vegas for another residency. The new show, called Domination (sexy), will kick off in February 2019 (the sexiest month) at the Park Theater at Park MGM (probably a sexy place, I’ve never been to Las Vegas.)


Spears concluded her first-ever residency at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater earlier this year, in January, after four years on the circuit. Apparently, she’s a real hot ticket item so it should come as no surprise that she scored a new gig in less than a year. Caesars President of Entertainment Jason Gastwirth told Variety: “It takes a certain kind of artist, one with a wide-scale fan base, a great music catalog, and who’s capable of bringing it every night. A good rule of thumb would be, they’re identifiable by one name.”


And in case you were wondering, Spears announced the news in the most extra way possible. On Thursday night, in front of hundreds of fans, tons of pyrotechnics and a parade of trucks illuminated with signs that read “BRITNEY,” Spears appeared on a makeshift, tiered stage in front of the Park MGM as ads for the new residency were projected onto the building’s walls.


Furthermore, she was introduced over the PA speakers, which blasted “Work Bitch.” She smiled, walked down some stairs, signed some autographs and left. She didn’t actually say a single word. True domination.

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Question: This is the same venue that Gaga is having her residency. How will that work out?