Screenshot: Youtube

Oh, you’re only going to see Unfriended: Dark Web once in theaters? Well, think again, because there are reportedly two different endings.

According to a note to projectionists reported on by IndieWire, Unfriended: Dark Web, sequel to the movie Unfriended (which I’ll remind you includes a Jezebel cameo in the form of a bookmarked webpage so we’re basically all movie stars), might have two different spoOoOky endings. Twitter user Rob Trench tweeted a screenshot of a now-deleted one-sheet for projectionists provided by the film’s distributor, which clearly reads “PLEASE NOTE THIS FEATURE HAS TWO DIFFERENT ENDINGS.”

This move reminds me of when The Descent released a UK and a US version each with different conclusions (a darker ending for across the pond; a jumpier, less ambiguous ending for the Americans.) I guess I need to put some money aside to make sure I can keep seeing Unfriended: Dark Web until I actually get to see both endings!


Jezebel has reached out to Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures for comment and will update this post when they respond.