Gwendoline Christie Is Screaming Mad In the New Trailer For Top of the Lake: China Girl

Image via Sundance.
Image via Sundance.

Even though it seems like those photos of Nicole Kidman in Jane Campion drag were released eight or 10 years ago, and that she went on to win an Emmy and a BAFTA and whatever the hell else a person can win for giving piercing glances and the occasional quiet, simmering monologue, the series for which she donned the look, Top of the Lake: China Girl, has yet to premiere.


The follow-up to Top of the Lake: New Zealand Girl (I made up that subtitle) will finally premiere on Sundance TV next month, and Vulture has posted what appears to be the final trailer. It’s a short sizzle, and features more than enough moments of incendiary dialogue and capital-A Acting to re-ignite my interest in a show I thought had already premiered, received disappointing ratings, and ended with a finale critics called “masterful” and “stunning.”


My favorite two parts:

  • Nicole Kidman going from :) to :| after a man says, “The destiny of a man is to enslave women.”
  • Gwendoline Christie (GoT’s Brienne) screaming, “I’M THE ONE THAT CARES!!!” while clutching a water bottle and a cigarette in the same hand.

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