Hailee Steinfeld Wants to Be Every Woman in the Video for 'Most Girls'

Such a drag when you’re on a date with a hot guy and the sparks are flying and then he says you’re not like “most girls.” It sucks when a man compliments a woman by insulting other women, and Hailee Stanfield’s Song of the Summer candidate “Most Girls” is apparently a direct response to this common male fumble.


I had no idea. Based on its lyrics alone, the song reads as the most generalized female empowerment anthem you’ve ever heard—the message seems to be that everything you do is fine, as long as you are a woman. The video contextualizes that the phrase “most girls” is being sung as taunt to some lunkhead who blew his chance with Hailee Steinfeld, which gives it slightly more meaning. If you think it needed more meaning.

We also get to see the wide variety of girls in the world: girls who box, girls who drive around in a limo, girls who spray paint, even girls who read. All of these girls are extremely thin and femme, even those not played by Steinfeld herself, so in reality most girls do not appear in this video. The story closes out on her former suitor, locked in some sort of closed circuit TV room, doomed to see the wide array of conventionally attractive women he’ll never get to touch for all eternity. Most girls have a vindictive streak!

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Good on her for taking this on. The whole “you’re not like other girls” thing is so, so gross.