Haim and Morris Day Do 'Jungle Love' on Kimmel, It's Kinda Weird

Jimmy Kimmel had Morris Day and the Time play with Haim, essentially so that he could say "Morris Day and the Haim" on camera. They played "Jungle Love," one of the greatest songs written in the entire 20th Century, and the sisters Haim acted as his back-up singers, all set to the backdrop of the AT&T logo, because we have been disallowed to live any aspect of our lives without garish advertising, even whilst trying to vaguely enjoy Morris Day sing "Jungle Love" with The Haim. Este awkwardly does the jungle love dance on the breakdown. Better than expected, still a little stiff. Morris doesn't seem mad. He's a superstar, light-footed and immutable on the eyes.

To this, though, we must ask Jimmy Kimmel, what is the point? Other than a totally random pairing for the banal "Mash-Up Mondays" segment, where a supremely talented musician is made to look kinda like a dick for putting the ladies in the corner, but what else can they do? They're talented on their instruments for sure, but the Time are rippers with decades under their belts. Also, as I have said before, mash-ups are dumb. Kimmel, stop being a dork, cut it out.

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I hope I'm not the only one who thought Steve Miller Band Jungle Love! <runs off to google Morris Day>