Haim Is Dangling a New Album In Front of Us For Fall

The Haim sisters are back at it again with the folky pop rock. After jamming out in their parents’ living room earlier this year, they’re letting us know there’s finally a new album on the horizon. The quality of the recording above doesn’t disguise what you’re hearing—a fresh hot track.

Days Are Gone came out in 2012, a fact that made me scream about the passage of time. I soothed this anxiety by listening to it for the millionth time. Haim has been touring the album for three years, so they may be more over it than their fans are. In an interview with Rolling Stone they discussed what it’s like coming home after Taylor Swift gives you the secret squad password:

“We’ve gone through a lot these last couple years,” says guitarist Danielle. She says that, thematically, many of the new songs were inspired by how it felt to be back home, dealing with the relationships they had left behind – “trying to go back to your normal life, but realizing there is a difference.”

“We’ve always been very interested in combining organic and non-organic sounds in our music,” she says. “On the first record, we were really obsessed with mixing the two in a way where you couldn’t tell if a snare was real or a sample. We still love that, but this time we came at it from a more organic, rock standpoint. Because when we play live, we realize that ultimately, we’re a rock band.”


The sisters have moved from their parents’ living room to a recording studio in Silver Lake. There they’ve been working with their producer from Days Are Gone Ariel Rechtshaid, and also Rostam Batmanglij, formerly of Vampire Weekend. It sounds like Haim is trying to get an LP out for fall, but no guarantees. Alana says, “There’s never a plan... We kind of just let our bodies do the work.”

Okay, but like, ballpark?

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they played a couple new songs at hangout fest and everyone lost their goddamn minds they were so good