Haim Released a Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Video for Their New Song 'Right Now'

Here’s how you can tell that summer is coming: the birds are chirping, the weather’s getting warmer, it says so on the calendar, and three chillaxed sisters with good hair are releasing new music.


Something to Tell You, out mid-summer, is Haim’s first full-length record in four years, their sophomore follow-up to the explosively popular Days Are Gone. The video is a live studio recording of new track “Right Now,” showing the group move from instrument to instrument as the song builds (there’s an excellent percussion moment starting around 3:25).

The video was shot by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson in one day, the trio told Apple Music; he’d initially reached out to them as a fan, but they later realized that their mom had been his art teacher.

“A couple months ago we were putting together our record and we had this chunk of songs and were like ‘who do we trust and respect?’” Alana said in the Apple Music interview.

“We wanted to show this music to someone, and Paul popped in our head and we emailed him and said, ‘Hey, we have this chunk of songs. We want to show you them and get your opinion.’ He instantly emailed back and was like, ‘Date and Time / Place? Tell Me.’ He comes to the studio the next day and we showed him the songs and were listening to it and he was like, ‘Why don’t we just shoot this?’”

Something to Tell You is out July 7 via Columbia Records.

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This story about Haim’s mom and Paul Thomas Anderson is the most mom story of all time http://pitchfork.com/news/73057-haim-share-video-for-new-song-right-now-reveal-album-release-date-watch/?mbid=social_twitter

My mom was studying to be a teacher and to get your credential as a teacher you have to shadow another teacher and get your hours in. My mom gets a gig teaching credential gig at a school in the Valley. First twist: My mom is shadowing the teacher at the school. First week, the teacher has a heart attack in the in the parking lot of the school and my mom becomes the sole art teacher at this school. In one week. My mom was younger than me, like 22/23, and she now has 5 or 6 classes of kids that she now is the teacher for. She would always talk about this one kid named Paul. That she loved this kid Paul, he was very energetic, artistic, vivacious. We’d turn the TV on and Boogie Nights would come on or Magnolia and our mom was like, ‘oh that’s Paul’s movie.’ That being Paul Thomas Anderson. We were like, Mom are you talking about Paul Thomas Anderson? And she was like, ‘Yes that is Paul, I taught Paul.’