Hang Onto Your Dicks, the Trailer for the Lorena Bobbitt Series Is Here

Scandals from the 1990s have been having a moment. First everyone went crazy revisiting the O.J. trial, then the world became newly obsessed with Jon Benet Ramsey, and now it’s time for Lorena Bobbitt to shine.


The trailer for the Jordan Peele-produced Lorena Bobbitt documentary series Lorena, which revisits when Bobbitt made headlines in 1993 for cutting off her husband John Bobbitt’s penis in his sleep, is finally out. “Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl,” one interviewee says. “Boy marries girl. Girl cuts off boy’s penis.”

But while Bobbitt’s crime may have been the perfect fodder for trashy tabloids at the time, Lorena looks like it will revisit her story with a 2019 understanding of abusive relationships and how John’s abusive behavior drove Lorena to sever his penis. It also seems to place Bobbitt’s story in the context of conversations happening at the time about sexual assault and harassment, from Clarence Thomas to Bill Clinton. “With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse and her demand for justice,” Peele previously said of his decision to produce.

Lorena debuts on Amazon Prime, February 15.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel



I’m here for all these 90s crime stories. Being a kid back then I wasn’t looking at these events deeply or critically, and despite having smart, involved parents, I know I just accepted the media narratives: Hillary should let her husband be president, haha a pube on a Coke can!, she cut off his thing???, Nancy is a princess and Tonya is trashy, etc... It’s been super eye-opening/depressing being able to read and learn more as an adult.