Have We Been Calling 'Social Distancing' By the Wrong Name All Along?

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This week on The Drew Barrymore Show, a revelation: During his nearly episode-long sit-in, Dr. Mehmet Oz suggested that “social distancing” was a horrible phrase and that “physical distancing” was more accurate. This left Barrymore slackjawed and gave her “a true a-ha moment...that I’m really gonna carry with me.” A woman of her word, the next day Barrymore asked noted pandemic forecaster (kind of... he wrote The Stand?) and wordsmith (of sorts) Stephen King: “I am wondering what your opinion is on the fact that we have called it ‘social distancing.’ Was that a mistake? Should we have called it ‘physical distancing?’ Have we created a monster of fear amongst us humans?” King thought this was a really good question.


Elsewhere, Barrymore described Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher as “sexy medicine,” lost her glasses, rhapsodized beautiful rice, (finally) acknowledged that eating on camera makes it difficult to speak, (finally) decided to cover her mouth when she ate on camera (for good?), and said “photosynthesis” with a lisp. It’s all in this week’s Drew Weekly montage. Enjoy!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Just like French fries were changed to “ Freedom Fries” by the gullible and insecure, social distancing should have been called “ Freedom Feet.”

Just picture it on the Fox broadcast “ There’s a virus outta China now. As you all know , China is a Godless Communist land. If you don’t wanna catch communism, stay 6 Freedom Feet apart.”

“ And wear a mask, just like that true defender of justice,  Batman.