In Part 1 of our roundtable with former reality TV stars Amber Marchese (The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 6), Irene McGee (The Real World: Seattle), and Shii Ann Huang (Survivor: Thailand), they discussed the filming process, producers, and how the melodramatic sauce gets made. Here’s the second part of that discussion: a conversation about Donald Trump’s ascension from Apprentice puppeteer to president.

“That man, in my personal a genius,” Marchese told the group, adding, “Yes, I do support Trump. Not all the time. He pisses me off sometimes, but sometimes I think he does do a great job.” Huang and McGee did not share Marchese’s sentiments and viewed Trump more as a carcinogenic reality TV figure elected through the conduit of fame. “Having Trump as president actually makes reality TV stars look good,” Huang argued.

Watch their conversation in the video above. Part 1 below.

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