In Part 1 of our roundtable with former reality TV stars Amber Marchese (TheĀ Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 6), Irene McGee (The Real World: Seattle), and Shii Ann Huang (Survivor: Thailand), they discussed the filming process, producers, and how the melodramatic sauce gets made. Hereā€™s the second part of that discussion: a conversation about Donald Trumpā€™s ascension from Apprentice puppeteer to president.

ā€œThat man, in my personal a genius,ā€ Marchese told the group, adding, ā€œYes, I do support Trump. Not all the time. He pisses me off sometimes, but sometimes I think he does do a great job.ā€ Huang and McGee did not share Marcheseā€™s sentiments and viewed Trump more as a carcinogenic reality TV figure elected through the conduit of fame. ā€œHaving Trump as president actually makes reality TV stars look good,ā€ Huang argued.

Watch their conversation in the video above. Part 1 below.

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