Hear Atlanta Singer/Producer Abra's New Freestyle Joint 'Crybaby'

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Abra writes and produces all her own music in a closet in Atlanta, so everything she’s done thus far has got a slight lo-fi tinge to it, while being formidable in both melody and sheer force. But her latest track, “Crybaby,” might be my favorite thing she’s ever done: an echo-drenched, lip-glossed vocal over a beat that bridges the difference between Miami 808s and perfect ‘80s freestyle, something like a new age Lisa Lisa or Corina with a better grasp on pitch (sorry freestyle fam, I’m just being real). At the same time it sounds truly 2016 in its vocal effects and artistic sensibility, a sort of late-night, ethereal distance befitting an artist who calls herself the darkwave duchess.


“Crybaby” is from Princess, Abra’s forthcoming EP on True Panther/Awful Records, out July 15. This right here is fire. I am excited!


Image via True Panther/Awful Records

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Annebelle Bananabelle

Totally irrelevant to the music, but all I keep thinking is how much I hope she isn’t sweating at all. Because bare skin and horses are a big fat ick of horse hair stuck to you.