Hear Haim Expertly Cover Shania Twain and Preview New Song 'Night So Long'

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To those that say Haim is Wilson Phillips 2.0, the band clearly has another artist in mind they’d like to be: Shania Twain.

The family band did a rousing cover of “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” for a few lucky fans at their pop-up shop in Los Angeles this weekend. And it’s clear the plunky country-pop suits them perfectly:


Let’s go girls! Record an official studio version!

They also played a more somber song, the new “Night So Long” from their forthcoming album Something To Tell You.

“And I say good-bye to love once more,” Danielle sings on mic alone. “No shadow darkening my door.” Compared to “Right Now” and “Want You Back” the song sounds like the darkest thing we’ve heard from the new album.


Shania AND broody break-up songs to ruin your entire summer in the best way?! Get you a band who can do both!

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