Help Ann Find a Plus Size Version of This Blouse from Daredevil

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It’s summer and Ann needs this lovely floral blouse, goddammit:

I’ve been looking for a plus size dupe of this blouse ever since Karen wore it in Daredevil. Halp!


Ann, my gal, let’s do this. It’s a stumper, though, because the pattern and style are so specific, and I think Karen’s might actually be vintage: I tried searching for a 1940-style pajama blouse with a navy blue floral pattern and a tiny pocket and found nada, plus or no. But I think it’s possible to split the difference.

Images via House of Fraser, Modcloth
Images via House of Fraser, Modcloth

This similarly-shaped Tommy Hilfiger blouse goes up to a size 16—sorry if that’s too small, but you didn’t specify your size (£85, House of Fraser). If it’s the delicate floral you like, this regal porcelain pattern is as delicate in spirit as the one you like (Modcloth, $39.99). And this ice cream top is similar in cut and has a tiny print that is, clearly, very good for the season (Modcloth, $39.99). You could also try customizing a similar design at eShakti.

This is kind of far from where we started, but I love this parrot pajama set, which you could very feasibly wear as a shortset this summer. (A beautiful side effect of the cozygirl movement.) (I might do this, also.)

Image via Nordstrom
Image via Nordstrom

(Print jersey pajamas, plus size, $88 at Nordstrom.)

You guys! Can you help Ann better than I can?

Top image via screenshot/Netflix


thunderbae (a straight shooter, respected on all sides)

That is a cute blouse. But I'm totally disillusioned with Modcloth at the moment. I bought some dresses from them after stalking the site for yeeeeeears and the quality is just not worth the price.