Help Ellie Find a Cute High-Waisted Bikini

Image via the Dreslyn
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My friend and colleague Ellie presents us with her dilemma:


It’s beach season, and I’m sure some of you have similar needs, so let’s get right into it.

Image via Ami Clubwear

Ellie’s looking for something “subdued and cool,” so my presentation of this teal and orange bandeau two-piece was not it for her. But there are tons of options at the same site, AMI CLUBWEAR (my rave name), including plus sizes and weed print bikinis in the colors of the Jamaican flag, so obviously I found something she liked in the mix here: a classic blue-and-white piece with beaucoup butt coverage modeled by someone who looks like Angelina Jolie’s cousin from Jersey. ($22.50 on sale, Ami Clubwear)

Image via Urban Outfitters

Then I presented what I thought was more subdued and cool, this tie-dye with a minimal scooped bikini top and cut-out sides, knowing that I have somewhat more outrageous taste than my beloved coworker. “Are there any that are just plain,” she responded. “Like minimalist type thing.” (Out From Under tie-dye bikini top, $38, and bottom, $44, Urban Outfitters)

Image via The Dreslyn

One of my favorite brands for both swim and eyewear is Prism London, a small business run by a lovely woman named Anna Laub. It’s a little costlier, but the quality is fantastic, and I love this blush color. Plus, the top is stretchy and shaping but doesn’t have an underwire, per Ellie’s request. (Prism London Hollywood bikini top, $108, and bottom, $73, both on sale at The Dreslyn.)

So does she like it?


SUCCESS. Hey, y’all, can you help out this tough customer Ellie on her hunt for a cute, minimal bikini with no underwire and ample butt coverage?

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