Help Kara Find Fringey Flats and Eva Find a Swimsuit in Fashion Scavenger Hunt's Summer Edition

Images via Swimsuits For All, Nordstrom
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The season in the Northern Hemisphere has either mostly changed to summer or is raring to, and with the promise of Vitamin D and beaches comes the inevitable related style dilemmas. In today’s Fashion Scavenger Hunt, let’s address two of the annually most pressing issues: swimsuits, and sandals.

First off, Eva writes:

what I need is:

A swimsuit

WITH lining or padding so my “geometries” don’t show

WITHOUT “removable padding” — which really just means lining that folds and crumbles into a wad if you actually try to DO anything active

WITHOUT underwires (wires don’t feel too good when you’re lying on a surfboard)

that ideally DOESN’T tie on the sides or back and isn’t super expensive.

The goal is to look cute and adorable, but still be able to, you know, surf and play volleyball and stuff.


This is a task insofar that padding without underwires is a tough find, but I’ve located a few!

Images via Asos, LL Bean, Nordstrom

Floozie’s rose swimsuit ties at the top and has a back clasp, and has contour cups ($64.70, Asos); Jewell Island’s halter tank comes with padding and is on sale ($64.99, LL Bean); my fave, but a little pricier, is this Mara Hoffman print one-piece, which is fully lined ($146, Nordstrom).

For what it’s worth, I really like Swimsuits for All, where I copped this supercute GabiFresh signature bikini jawn (top image); if I were to do it all again I might have gone for this flamingo pattern. It’s worth digging around in there, though most of Gabi’s swimsuits come with underwires.


And Jezebel’s own Kara Brown is looking for some fringey cute sandals such as these slides by Joie (top image), but without the $270 price tag.

Images via Shopbop, Banana Republic

Matiko’s Delilah fringe flat has a cute ankle tie with a back tassle ($128, Shopbop); Steve Madden’s got a pretty similar look (not pictured, $89, Macy’s); and Banana Republic makes a more casual version while also producing a near replica in both a kitten heel and a standard pump (flat, $78, Banana Republic).

But let me take it to the masses. What do you all got for Eva and Kara?

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