Help Madame Camembert Find the Perfect White Sundress

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I am looking for the perfect white sundress. It needs to be kind of fluffy, not a maxi (shudder), and really comfortable. Is this a unicorn?

It is NOT a unicorn! This is actually one of my favorite Fashion Scavenger Hunt questions yet, because I am in the market for a white sundress, too. (Above: a breezy cut-out embroidery caftan thingie, $145 at & Other Stories.) Let’s see what’s good.

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I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know precisely what you mean by “fluffy,” so I’m just going for a vibe here; that said, I just about croaked when I saw this seersucker jam from Uniqlo’s Lemaire (as in Christophe) line. The shape and gathering is divine and while it’s not strappy (you didn’t specify strappy or sleeves or what), seersucker is as summery as you can get ($39.90 on sale, Uniqlo).

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This one’s a little dressy and comes only in a medium, but it’s a nice combination of bustier, ballet, and mint juleps on the porch. Do NOT wear it with those shoes though, what is up with this styling, Saks!!! ($49.99 marked down from $332.25, Saks Off 5th). The simple tiered cotton one has potential to go witchy, but the short waist, loose fit and easy vibe is so excellently summer in the city ($38, Nordstrom). Off-the-shoulder sunnies are super chic this season and beyond; this one’s called the “Bardot” for a reason and I want it. ($70, Topshop).

Images via Neiman Marcus, Opening Ceremony, French Connection

For the hell of it, here are some pricier options. This is another, simpler Bardot style, but for $395 at Neiman’s. I know this pearlescent guy is not exactly white, but live a little, right? Especially when you’re dropping $425 at Opening Ceremony for a super cute cami. And the French Connection guy on the right is a bit Laura Ashley, but if you’re going for “innocent running through a field,” it’s perfect ($258, Amazon).


Summer gals, you got any better ideas?

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