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Old-movie wardrobe requests are a little trickier than those from contemporary films; styles change, garments go off the racks, and we’ve got to use our imaginations. Fortunately, though, the dress that Spring writes us about is a ‘90s style that is back with a force:

I’ve always wanted the yellow dress that Sandra Bullock wore in Hope Floats. Of course, I’m practically a foot shorter than Sandy. Five two, 125 pounds, short, thicker torso (think Skipper doll). So—usually a 4 to a 6?


Putting aside the Skipper doll imagery, let’s see what we can do here!

Image via Kate Spade

This isn’t exact pattern-wise, but the length and sleeves are similar. (Kate Spade, on sale for $257).

Image via Blue Banana


This one’s cute even if it’s not perfect ($69.26, Blue Banana).


And here’s more of a cami, good for petites ($18.99, Shein).

Tougher than I thought. Can you all help Spring with this important Bullock life dream?