Here Are a Bunch of Gowns You'll See On the Red Carpet Soon

Images via Getty.
Images via Getty.

Red carpet fave Elie Saab showed his latest couture line in Paris Wednesday and I guarantee you will see these looks on every red carpet for the next year (I will be surprised if none of these are at the Oscars, too).

Though the sheer skirt trend has been quite tiresome for awhile now, the way Saab’s diaphanous, beaded pieces (in his signature peach) seem to float is breathtaking, and the structural inspiration from his home of Beirut is sure to resonate as a statement among Hollywood progressives, especially considering orange Satan-baby’s expected ban. Pay close attention, too, to the deep blue gown with the diamond chain at 1:07; I would bet money we see it on J.Lo before the year is out.


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If I were going to the Oscars, I would want this one:

Also, I don’t know in what situation one would wear this outfit, but I want to be in that situation: