It looks like the fifth season of Orange Is The New Black will waste no time in plopping us right back into the action, if this teaser for the fifth season (via Vulture) is any indication.

When we last left the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary, Dayanara(Dascha Polanco) was pointing a gun at a particularly sadistic guard who was part of the new world order imposed upon them by the corporate overlords of the prisonā€™s new owners ā€” retaliation by riot for the recent wrongful death of a beloved inmate.

ā€œIf this is a real riot, do you think this is a step forwards or backwards for equality?ā€ Piper asks Alex ā€”classic Piperā€” before the two turn on their heels and walk quickly away from the action. Thereā€™s a gunshot and then a quick fade to orange, leaving us to speculate for the next couple of months about whether or not Daya shot the gun.

The fifth season reportedly takes place ā€œin real timeā€ over the course of three days, which means youā€™ll stay up past your bedtime to watch the whole thing as quickly as possible. If you donā€™t remember what happened in the fourth season, thereā€™s still plenty of time to remind yourself via a rewatch: the fifth season premieres on June 9.