Here Is a Nice Thing: Ella Mai's 'Lay Up' Video

Earlier today, as I verged on hyperventilation and possibly self-diagnosed a heart murmur, my subconscious kept telling me to chill because this is just the first day of the next four years. What we needed was a nice thing, even just one, which today came in the form of this video by British singer Ella Mai.


Released on DJ Mustard’s label, the 21-year-old’s “Lay Up” celebrates a fantasia of love and stews in its soft relaxation: The beach, a pool, an inflatable floatie, palm trees, some wine, and an extremely attractive fellow (plus great styling). What’s nicest, though, is the way Mai luxuriates in her deep, rich alto in the lineage of Brandy (whom she also covers), a range we don’t hear enough in R&B and certainly haven’t much lately. It’s nice. I like nice things! Nice things are nice.

“Lay Up” is from Ella Mai’s new EP, Change, and she will begin touring with her spiritual sister Kehlani next month.

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I need to buy tickets for that tour like yesterday.

Also, unrelated: I promptly got my period at 12pm today, for the first time in 2 years. This does not seem like a coincidence.