Here is J.Lo, Never Not Looking Great

The cutout Bao Tranchi bodycon dress Jennifer Lopez wore to her “pre-birthday dinner” with boyfriend A-Rod Saturday night has been described as “daring,” “smoking hot,” and “jaw-dropping,” but I’ll go with “the polar opposite of what she wears on Shades of Blue.”

Are those cutouts of two Phoenixes? If so, are they meant to suggest that Lopez views every birthday as a metaphorical rebirth? Or is it just a regular bird that conveys a simpler message: that Lopez is and will always be fly as hell?

Check out this other angle—taken from boyfriend A-Rod’s Instagram—and decide for yourself.


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I mean, I know it’s technically “wrong” to sell your soul to Satan for eternal youth (I have to assume that is what’s happening here), but to see someone looking like that 3 years before they turn 50 makes me consider the option.