The food-sex analogy in “Bon Appétit” is pushed beyond the limits of corny, perhaps, but Katy Perry’s new song with Migos is surprisingly lush, at least as lush as your favorite raw food enthusiast’s Instagram feed. I’m already wondering what the dreamy melody would sound like in a different vocalist’s hands—Rihanna, sorry, comes to mind—but Perry has done a fine job, and doesn’t get totally overshadowed by the Migos, which was a real possibility (whither “Dark Horse”?).


Most thrilling is the jaunty synth production, which bridges the distance between the airier, early 2000s pop songs of British electronic producer Max Tundra—

—and the more kinetic side of producer BloodPop, back before he found the “pop” (and was still known as Blood Diamonds).

I can deal with Perry pronouncing “bon appétit” as “bwon uppetee” all summer if this is the pop jam the DJ decides to throw in the mix; Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter (Tove Lo) produced, and while I am annoyed that I have been suckered into their evil genius algorithm, I nonetheless look forward to screaming “Sweet tooth (sweet!) No tooth fairy! (Nooo!) Whip cream (Whip!) No Dairy (Whip!)” on the dance floor. And, all told, the world could use more encouraging cunnilingus jams, not less, so maybe chalk this up to the “activist” part of Perry’s Twitter bio.


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