Here Is the Full Trailer for Anne in All Its Lush Canadian Glory

It’s so easy to love Anne of Green Gables, isn’t it?

Netflix is releasing their adaptation Anne, the story of red-headed orphan who wins hearts and changes minds on Prince Edward Island on May 12. The trailer above promises lots of green landscapes, watery vistas, and girl bonding appropriate to the year 1908. Flower crowns, however, are eternal.


We’re also given a glimpse of the classic schoolroom intrigue of hair pulling and slate smashing with dreamboat Gilbert that made Anne famous, and particularly endeared her to carroty haired girls everywhere. Though Anne faces her share of trials, this story seems like it will be chock full of feel good moments of triumph, as Anne declares early on that “girls can do anything a boy can do, and more!” Well, rah rah rah.

What a heady mix of nostalgia and original programming this promises to be. Break out the currant wine and start sipping in anticipation now.

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