Here Is the Trailer for Saoirse Ronan's Latest Period Piece, On Chesil Beach

For everybody out there who still can’t hear the sound of waves crashing on film without thinking about that one scene from Rebecca and a college professor painstakingly explaining that THE WAVES ARE SEX, or something, here is the trailer for On Chesil Beach.


Though it may look like it was written explicitly for Saoirse Ronan and her period-piece aura, it is in fact adapted from an Ian McEwan novel. (McEwan of course wrote Atonement, the source for the 2007 movie that netted teenaged Ronan her first Oscar nomination.) According to Entertainment Weekly:

Saoirse Ronan stars in the period romantic drama as Florence Ponting, a sheltered woman who, against the backdrop of England’s southern shores in the summer of 1962, prepares to marry a rash man, Edward (Billy Howle), from a drastically different background (much to the dismay of her family, played by Emily Watson and Samuel West).

As her wedding night approaches, Florence grows increasingly anxious about her impending union. Under unbearable scrutiny from her high society parents, she rails against the pressures of aristocratic society, tapping into her own sexual freedom and romantic curiosities. Though she explores various channels of self-liberation, the strength of her bond with Edward is tested as a result.


They should have just gone ahead and named this movie Here, Have a Panic Attack Thinking About Trying to Have a Sexually Fulfilling Life in the 1950s.

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This looks good and also stressful. I will see it.

Separate note, I love Saoirse’s hair colour in this. Sort of strawberry blonde? I am very pale and have dark hair. Anytime I express an interest in changing to blonde or something like this I get scrunched up faces from friends saying “really?”. So I guess it shouldn’t happen. Plus I’m too low maintenance with my hair. But the grey is starting to creep in so maybe this could be an option in the long run? Knowledgable hair commenters, I solicit your advice.