Here's a Not-so-Scary Trailer for Lore, Amazon's TV Adaptation of a Podcast

They’re making podcasts into TV shows now. Sure!

Here’s the very brief teaser trailer for Lore , an anthology horror show coming to Amazon in October, based on a podcast of the very same name. Since I am a huge wuss who closed her eyes during the trailer for Ouija, a very bad horror movie that was actually not very scary, I have not listened to the podcast that this show is based on. That said, here’s the description of the show, via Deadline.

The six-episode anthology series combines documentary footage, narration, historical mixed media and cinematic scenes to explore the real-life tales behind pop culture’s most legendary horror myths, such as vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances and possessed doll It will feature fan-favorite episodes from the podcast, including the tale of a boy given a doll that seems to have a sinister life of its own; a family whose home appears to be inhabited by a spirit from the other side; and a German village that hunts for a murderous creature.


Hm. That sounds scary! Scary enough that I would watch it through my fingers at home, with all the lights on. Scary enough that I could convince someone who likes horror movies to watch it with me and I could scream at the jump scares and it’d be fine. After viewing the trailer, however, I have come to the conclusion that this show might be okay—there’s a knockoff-Tim Burton vibe about it. The scariest thing of all is that the narrator, Aaron Mahnke, has an almost incurable case of Podcast Voice.

Lore premieres on Amazon October 13, just in time for Halloween and pumpkins and such.

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Like the podcast, but most of them are just slightly creepy, not super scary. I hope they chose the scary ones for this.