Here's a Very Serious Harry Styles Covering Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain'

It really doesn’t mater if the cover of a Fleetwood Mac song is good or bad—it works because it’s Fleetwood Mac and for some (hello), their music is eternal.

That said, Harry Styles’s very serious and earnest cover of the third best Fleetwood Mac song to sing out loud in your living room is pretty good as far as covers go. A personal theory that I’ve only recently developed is that the shorter Harry’s hair is, the more serious he becomes as a Musician and also an Artist. The trick with that is that he’s actually quite good! I like his gravelly little tenor and how he focuses really hard on clapping on beat. Ten points for not straying too far from the original version of the song—a faithful cover is a good cover, my friends, and don’t you forget it.

I thought this was Harry’s first time at the Fleetwood Mac rodeo, but I was wrong, as evidenced below:

He and Stevie both are making a strong sartorial statement here—those pants! That boot!—but it works. Harry, if you’re listening: do “Edge of Seventeen” next.

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Funny story: The Chain (and a bunch of songs on that album, Rumours) was written because each of the relationships within Fleetwood Mac was falling apart, and everyone started to hate each other. One person in the middle of that drama was the wife of Mick Fleetwood, Jenny Boyd. So The Chain was partly written about Jenny Boyd. Moreover, “Oh Daddy” on that album is SPECIFICALLY about Jenny Boyd.

Jenny Boyd is the sister of former model Pattie Boyd, who was ALSO the muse for another one of the greatest rock albums of all time: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, by Derek and the Dominoes. Eric Clapton wrote ‘Layla’ about Pattie Boyd, whom he had fallen in love with, and who was at the time married to his super good friend George Harrison of the Beatles.

These 2 random sisters are inspirations for some of the greatest music of all time.