Here's An Awesome, Exclusive Mix From Twin DJ Duo Angel + Dren

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Angel + Dren are my favorite types of DJs—unbound by form or geography, exploratory in the realm of genre, unconcerned with playing whatever’s “cool” and generally in search of an elusive vibe.


And vibe is just what they found on this mix, which the New Yorker twin sisters made exclusively for Jezebel—a sweet spot between synthy, skittering pop, Bmore club breaks, soul-in-the-gut deep house, hands-in-the-air electronic funk, and an FKJ remix of Zhu’s “Paradise Awaits” that will convince you it does. The term “summer jam” is broad and often applicable, yet has infinite meanings and applications—Angel + Dren are working with the type of sophisticated chill that accompanies a nice mint julep on a rooftop in your Sunday best, at 4 PM after the worst of the humidity has broken and the sun is low enough in the sky to glow like mood lighting. (Obviously I have been thinking about, and yearning for, these specific moments a lot lately—you have too, probably.)

It’s a perfect look for these two, who are still on the come up but have cut their teeth on gigs with SZA, Theophilus London, Father, and designer Jonathan Simkhai for NYFW. More importantly, they are fulfilling every girl’s dream of A. having a twin sister and B. forming a DJ crew with her? How excellent would that be? So, get into this mix, listen to more breezy goodness at their Soundcloud, and amp yourself for an early weekend. Vacation season is on the horizon.


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