Here's Kathy Bates as a Pot Dispensary Owner in Netflix's Disjointed

Kathy Bates as an owner of a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles feels like a pretty good fit, don’t you think?


That’s basically the premise of Disjointed, yet another Netflix original that you will maybe scroll past on your way to your fifth viewing of Moana. Via Deadline, Kathy Bates plays Ruth, a “lifelong advocate for legalization” who moves to Los Angeles to fulfill a long-held dream by opening her very own dispensary. Because we couldn’t just have a TV show about Kathy Bates selling weed while wearing caftans and such, there are other characters, too: “three charismatic ‘budtenders’ (Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho and Elizabeth Alderfer), her entrepreneurial twentysomething son (Aaron Moten) and a very troubled security guard who served in Afghanistan (Tone Bell).”

The description sounds enjoyable enough but is soured a little by this fun fact: one of the show’s creators is Chuck Lorre, the man responsible for shows like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. Like any other sitcom, Disjointed will be 22 episodes long and will feature a laugh track, which will either be just fine or feel very hokey. There are a lot of hack-y stoner jokes, including various shots of people choking on bong rips. Cool.


I have high hopes for this because I love Kathy Bates and marijuana in equal measure, but there’s a Yoda joke crammed in at the end of the trailer that made me feel deep waves of second-hand embarrassment from which I am still recovering.

Disjointed will premiere on Netflix August 25.

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What have y’all loved on Netflix? In the last three weeks we’ve watched Friends from College (we were meh on that one), Ozark, Glow, and Crashing.

We need to find a new series, but there’s SO MUCH out there that I fall into a Netflix hole and can’t choose anything!

ETA: would also love amazon prime series recommendations. We LOVED Catastrophe and watched it in four days, but we only made it through two episodes of Sneaky Pete.