Here's Mary J. Blige Singing to Hillary Clinton About Police Profiling in an Unexpected Promo

This month, Mary J. Blige will debut a show called The 411, which seems like it will include at least one episode of musical social justice and conversation with Hillary Clinton. In this clip, Blige sings what seems to be a heartfelt lesson of safety protocol for black youth in dealing with police.


As Blige sings, bespectacled and feeling it, Clinton looks on very studiously before Blige grabs her hand. “I just want to know, where do we go from here?” Blige asks; the edit cuts, and none of us will know Clinton’s response to this heartfelt a cappella until September 30, at which point we will presumably learn, if we have Apple Music. “Like you’ve never seen them before,” it says, and surely not.

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I think one of the most telling things about Trump last night was when he was asked how he’d “restore racial harmony” his answer was literally “law and order.” In other words, he doesn’t give a shit about restoring racial harmony (not that this is a surprise, white nationalists are voting for him because of it). He basically said that stronger and more authoritarian policing was the answer to restoring racial harmony.

Wonder what that’d look like...