Here's the First Trailer for the Rebooted Heathers

In the original Heathers, Winona Ryder isn’t completely believable as the nerdy weirdo, but compared to the three ultra-rich, super bitch Heathers she reads as an underdog. The new TV series has tried to recast the Heathers to reflect a more diverse age, and it’s kind of confusing.


Our new Heathers are a lesbian woman of color, a gender-queer person, and a woman of average weight who is described as having a body like “Martha Dumptruck.” They’re all fashionable and fabulous, as Heathers would be. That’s cool, and depending on how the narrative goes, may result in an interesting commentary on how difference is subjected to violence.


And here’s our Veronica:


And the murderous J.D., a conventionally handsome white man:


Of course, J.D. was always supposed to be a sociopath, so that at least tracks.

We’ve come a long way since only cis, white, straight, conventionally attractive girls could be bullies.

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I’m sorry; I can’t get on board. The original Heathers was perfect. No one asked for this bullshit.