Here's the Jared Leto, Skrillex, Rick Ross Horrorcore Video You Never Knew You Wanted

I’m seeing Suicide Squad tomorrow. I’ve read every review about how horrific and misogynistic it is and yet I am still pumped to see it, especially after watching this absurd and hilarious video featuring Rick Ross and Skrillex driving around on hydraulics and Jared Leto opening his mouth a bunch.

To be clear, the song itself is a banger, called “Purple Lamborghini” off the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Skrillex and Ross are a unified brolic force, going hard in full fight mode. The sound isn’t a stretch for either of them, but by combining the most beloved characteristics in their work, they’re just as heavy as you’d want them to be. And the video is just pure Miami fantasy, combined with Suicide Squad’s inevitable cartoony horrorcore, Leto riding with them on a speedboat with creepy masked dudes and, I think, pulling a body from the water? While Leto looks onto the scene, an expression that is... scared? Scary? Deranged? It’s truly unclear! I cannot wait to see this movie!

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The only thing better than a dumpster fire of a film is a dumpster fire of a music video. The edgelords who dreamed this up must have a longstanding appointment at Hot Topic.