Here's the Teaser For a New Sitcom Starring Kathy Bates As the Owner of a Weed Dispensary

We’ve known about Disjointed, Netflix’s upcoming stoner comedy starring Katy Bates and co-created by Chuck Lorre (Mom, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men), for nearly a year now, but it wasn’t until Thursday that we were given a first look. In the 19-second teaser cheekily released on 4/20, we see Kathy Bates emerge from a smoke-filled weed dispensary while puffing on a joint. She says nothing, because what else is there to say? This is a show about Kathy Bates working in a dispensary, and that’s more than enough to get people interested.

But in case you need more details before agreeing to take a hit, here’s the synopsis, per Deadline:

[Disjointed] follows Ruth (Bates), a lifelong advocate for legalization, as she finally lives her dream as the owner of an Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. Joining her at Ruth’s Alternative Caring are three charismatic “budtenders” (Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho and Elizabeth Alderfer), her entrepreneurial twentysomething son (Aaron Moten) and a very troubled security guard who served in Afghanistan (Tone Bell).


All 20 episodes of Disjointed will be released on Netflix August 25.

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Long hair suits her enormously. She’s always cast the serial killer/grandmother/mother/bland nothing.

She looks damn glamourous with that hair. She could be a well worn 40, rather than the near 30 years older she is.