Here's the Teaser for Sarah Jessica Parker's New HBO Series, Divorce

“I want a divorce,” says Sarah Jessica Parker at the beginning of this teaser for HBO’s upcoming series, Divorce. In the following scene, she flips off her husband (Thomas Haden Church) after he prevents her from joining him in an elevator (“I need my space,” he says). Next, the two of them complain about each other to a therapist. Later, they both throw things. Then, more flipping off (it’s mutual this time).


These are precisely the things I expected to see in the teaser for a comedy (dramedy?) series about divorce called Divorce on a network becoming increasingly known for exploring the woes of seemingly well-to-do white leads (see: Togetherness, Silicon Valley, Looking, Enlightened, and the upcoming Big Little Lies), but it’s nice to have my suspicions confirmed.

I’m sure this show will be fine.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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It’s written by the super smart and hilarious Irish lass, Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe, Pulling), so deal me in!