Here's the Theme Song for Netflix's Latina One Day at a Time Remake, as Sung by Gloria Estefan

If you’ve been looking forward to Netflix’s Latina One Day at a Time remake, here’s another little nugget to savor: La Gloria covering the show’s classic theme song, now given a little Cuban rhythm section to fit the new focus.


These intro credits are also the first we’ve really seen of what the show might be. Based on the much-lauded, feminist ‘70s/’80s show that focused on the trials of a working single mom and the coalescing women’s movement, it seems to translate that spirit to a more contemporary, modern landscape. The family is now Cuban American and, if this clip is any indication, lives in Echo Park (that specific Porto’s Cafe is a classic Cuban bakery in Glendale). The matriarch, formerly “Ann Romano” as played by Bonnie Franklin, is now called Penelope and will be played by Queen of the South’s Justina Machado; looks like she will be a veteran. Also, Rita freakin’ Moreno, the god, will play Penelope’s mother Lydia. I pray it’s good because I absolutely cannot handle seeing Rita Moreno doing a corny, canned laughter joint! One Day at a Time debuts January 6 on Netflix.

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One Day at a Time made sense at the 70s, when there was little/no portrayal of single parenthood on tv. Working women were supposed to be “career gals” aka single/childless women who would give up their jobs when they got married. It was pretty revolutionary for the time. In the years to come, the single woman supporting her children was a more common trope on tv (Alice, etc.) and movies. But at the time it was criticized for not portraying a two-parent family like the Brady Bunch and for being too “women’s lib” oriented.

It’s not exactly revolutionary now. Are a lot of the same burdens on single parents? Sure, but it’s also a subject that’s been hashed over pretty thoroughly over the last 40 years.