Here's the Theme Song for Netflix's Latina One Day at a Time Remake, as Sung by Gloria Estefan

If you’ve been looking forward to Netflix’s Latina One Day at a Time remake, here’s another little nugget to savor: La Gloria covering the show’s classic theme song, now given a little Cuban rhythm section to fit the new focus.


These intro credits are also the first we’ve really seen of what the show might be. Based on the much-lauded, feminist ‘70s/’80s show that focused on the trials of a working single mom and the coalescing women’s movement, it seems to translate that spirit to a more contemporary, modern landscape. The family is now Cuban American and, if this clip is any indication, lives in Echo Park (that specific Porto’s Cafe is a classic Cuban bakery in Glendale). The matriarch, formerly “Ann Romano” as played by Bonnie Franklin, is now called Penelope and will be played by Queen of the South’s Justina Machado; looks like she will be a veteran. Also, Rita freakin’ Moreno, the god, will play Penelope’s mother Lydia. I pray it’s good because I absolutely cannot handle seeing Rita Moreno doing a corny, canned laughter joint! One Day at a Time debuts January 6 on Netflix.

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