Here's the Trailer For a Movie About Anne Heche and Sandra Oh Continuously Beating Each Other Up

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I have something important to tell you.

There is a movie being released in the very near future in which Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, two actors I’m honestly relieved to see onscreen again, star as former college acquaintances who reunite in their 40s when Oh is a wealthy wife and mother who may or may not have a drinking problem and Heche is a down on her luck artist paying the bills with catering gigs. After the two catch up, they have a violent fight in a stairwell that ultimately puts Oh in a coma that lasts two years, during which Heche suddenly makes bank selling her paintings and Oh goes flat broke and loses her family. Oh then finds Heche so that she can pick another fight with her. Later, Heche finds Oh so she can pick another fight with her. This bloody back and forth happens so frequently in the movie that it has been titled Catfight.

The trailer is below.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

I will watch ANYTHING with Sandra Oh in it and this is no exception. I’ve already picked a side in this conflict.