Here is the trailer for Melissa McCarthy’s latest coproduction with husband Ben Falcone, Life of the Party, which follows the adventures of a newly single mother who decides to return to college for her degree. The same college, in fact, as her daughter attends.


EW explained:

Life of the Party reunites McCarthy with her writing partner and husband, Ben Falcone, as director. Her Bridesmaids costar Maya Rudolph is also back in the mix, playing Deanna’s best friend. But the biggest ingredient is McCarthy’s own life experience. Like Deanna, she never finished her college degree and considers going back someday.

“I do always talk about it, like, maybe I’ll go back!” McCarthy told EW last year. “Maybe when I’m, like, 92. I’ll just roll into class and confuse everyone, like, ‘Is the professor’s mother?’”


If she’s getting rid of it I would love that bunny sweatshirt from the opening scenes of the trailer.

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I LOVE HER. some people may think it’s overly simplistic, but i love her type of physical humor. her hands and body are so animated it kills me. and anytime she hosts SNL they are some of my favorite skits!