Here's the Trailer for Season 2 of Love, Which, Like Season 1, I'll Probably Watch and Wonder Why I Did

I know I finished Season 1 of Love—at least, I think I did; the details are foggy, save for my thinking, wow, gotta find a friend who can take me to the Magic Castle.


Other feelings I know I had: these characters are annoying and in a purposeless way, except the roommate, who is pretty funny; I usually like Gillian Jacobs; what a deeply bad name for a television show, particularly if you’re concerned about SEO; I would love to see a show that’s fully committed to a behind the scenes of this teen witch drama the nerdy guy works on; I really don’t need another love dramedy about white people in LA or New York; this show, whenever it ends, will definitely end with these two characters being broken up because I’ve never seen individuals so poorly matched.

Which means maybe the relationship of Gus and Mickey is analogy for watching Love—you shouldn’t be watching it but there you are, doing it anyway. Here I am, doing this anyway: here is the trailer for Season 2 of Love.

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I was really confused through the first four episode of Love, and kept convincing myself to watch the next episode because I was sure that the compelling or interesting or engaging bits had to be just around the corner. That argument only worked for so long against how much I didn’t care about or enjoy watching either protagonist fumble their way through uncomfortable interactions with each other.

I wonder how Santa Clarita Diet is.